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Candle Wicks

Importance of selecting the correct wick

Not all wicks are created equally. Wicks are a very important element in candle making as they determine how well your candle will burn. 

Wick Length

The wick length must be at least 1cm longer that the height of your container, which allows a bit extra to hold in place with a wick holder. For example, if your container is 10cm deep (from top to bottom), your wick needs to be at least 11cm. Longer is fine as you can cut off the excess once the candle has set.

Which wick size/number to use?

To determine which wick size/number to use, you need to first measure the diameter of your jar at the maximum width.

Refer to the Wick Chart to determine the most suitable wick(s).

You may need to try 2 or 3 different wick sizes to get the right size for your particular candle, as many things can affect the burn: wax, fragrance, dye, jar. For example, a candle tin measuring 45mm high, 72mm diameter, I would select either CDN14 or HTP105 in 150mm length. I can cut the wick in half before I make the candle, or trim once the candle has set. Don’t waste the offcuts - simply affix a wick tab to one end to use in your next candle. 

Wick Chart – Essential Candle Supply

ECS Wick Selection Chart - Soy