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Our kits are packed for beginners through to advanced candle makers & come supplied with everything you need including our 'how to' guide.


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  1. Aluminium Pouring Pot

    Aluminium Pouring Pot for Candle Making Wax & Soaps

    This is a great, affordable seamless melting/pouring pot. It has the capacity for holding approx 1.8kgs of wax. Made from aluminum with a pouring spout. Ideal for use as a double boiler by sitting inside another pot of boiling water. (not suitable for direct heat)
  2. Digital Scales - 5kg

    Digital Scales - 5kg

    Ensure exact measurements with these Digital Kitchen Scales 5kg White. These scales measure up to 5kg, in 1 gram increments.

    One touch tare scale resetting function makes life easy when combining all the ingredients into the mixing bowl

    Battery not included - requires 2 x AAA batteries.

  3. Glass Mercury Thermometer

    Glass Candy Thermometer for Candle Wax Soap Making etc

    Glass candy thermometer with a metal scale for accurate readings.

    Scale measures in both farenheit and celsius and begins at 40/100 degrees.

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    Hot Glue Gun - Large

    Hot Glue Gun - Large

    Say goodbye Floating Wicks, Hello Glue Gun !! Hot glue guns are ideal for fixing your wicks to base of container.

    Regular Price: $17.95

    Special Price $8.98

  5. Metal Wick Holder

    Metal Wick Holder

    Get perfectly centred wicks every time with our Metal Wick holders.

    These Metal wick holders are the ideal for candle making, especially when making larger batches.

    The ridges sit on the outer edges of your jar keeping your wick centred and straight until your wax has set.  

    Dimensions: 10cm long, 3cm wide

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    Silver Wire Fairy Lights

    Silver Wire Fairy Xmas Party Lights 3m x 6 strand

    Silver Wire Fairy lights - Warm White light

    Length 3 metres x 6 strands

    Flexible string Fairy lights, create shapes, wrap around items, create your own fairy light projects - wreaths, trees, bouquets.

    Compact, AC power pack.

    See our Pinterest Board for ideas and inspiration 

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price $14.00

  7. Stainless Steel Wick Trimmer 17cm

    Stainless Steel Candle Wick Trimmer 17cm

    Easy to use Candle wick trimmer 17cm long Stainless steel

    Trim wick to approx 5mm prior to lighting to ensure a clean burning candle, minimising soot build up and lengthening the life of your candle. A trimmed wick helps to eliminate smoking and excessive 'mushrooming'. The wick trimmer trims the wick as the perfect angle and height. 

    Before lighting, simply place the base of the wick trimmer on the candle surface and snip the wick

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