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Our kits are packed for beginners through to advanced candle makers & come supplied with everything you need including our 'how to' guide.


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Candle Making

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  1. Dye Chips Navy Blue | Essential Candle Supply

    Dye Chips Navy Blue

    NAVY BLUE Dye Colour Chips

    Dye Chips are a convenient way to colour your candles. They are suitable for use with Soy, Paraffin, Beeswax and other vegetable waxes.

    1 chip will colour up to 500 grams of wax, for a darker or lighter colour, simply add more or less chips.

  2. Navy Blue Dye Block

    Navy Blue Dye Block

    Highly concentrated dye blocks suitable for soy, paraffin and palm waxes. You can make several colours and shades with the same block just by varying the volume of wax. Blend colours from different dye blocks to create your own unique colours.
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