How to calculate Fragrance Oil

Firstly you will need to determine what percentage of fragrance oil you want to use. This will vary depending on the type of oil, and type of wax. Refer to manufacturers guidelines.

For this example we will use 6% 

Here’s a simple formula, for 250g of wax

250 X 0.06  = 15 grams. The total weight of this candle would be 265 grams.

To work backwards, if your candle jar has a volume of 250 grams and you want to calculate wax & fragrance, first determine what percentage of FO you want to use.

Again, for the example we’ll used 6%

250 / 1.06 = 236 grams wax. 250 – 236 = 14 grams fragrance oil. 

Fragrance Oil