With the huge array of candle colours available, it's easy to invest a small fortune on Candle colours to complement the range of fragrances you offer. However, before you go spending up big it's super easy to create your own unique colours using a few basic colours. Start with primary colours of Red, Blue and Yellow, plus a few extras such as White, Black and Magenta. Think back to primary school art classes, Red + Yellow = Orange, Red + Blue = Purple, Blue + Yellow = Green, you get the picture. So, rather then purchasing a new colour each time you add a new fragrance, get a custom order or make a sample, try mixing your own to create something special and unique. TIP: add small amounts of colour to your wax, mixing and adjusting until you reach your desired colour. To see what your wax will look like when cool, place a drop of wax on white paper it will cool very quickly to show you the colour when set. Happy colour mixing.